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This is a selection of Carl's journalistic writing drawing from his research

How Taiwan's civic hackers helped find a new way to run the country

The Guardian 

Inside the secret plan to reboot ISIS from a huge digital backup


Deep Fakes and the Infocalypse

Intelligence Squared and Nina Schick 

Sex Robots and Vegan Meat 

Intelligence Squared and Jenny Kleeman

What is Cyber Warfare?

Imperial War Museum

Information Warfare 

JLA Speakers

Democracy and Civic Participation Commission: Final Report 

London borough of Newham

The New Abnormal 


The online illegal wildlife trade

Global Initiative against transnational organised crime (Podcast)

 The Enlightenment and COVID-19 Conspiracies, with Will Davies

Intelligence Squared (Podcast)

What are 'bots' and how can they spread fake news?

BBC Bitesize

Hybrid and Information Warfare, with David Kilcullen

Intelligence Squared (Podcast)

The COVID-19 'Infodemic'

BBC News 

Abolish Silicon Valley, with Wendy Liu

Intelligence Squared 

Technology and hype, with Gemma Milne

Intelligence Squared 

How to use the Internet during corona virus 


We will see the rise of the civic hackers 

Wired World 2020

Redesigning habits and human behaviour, with BJ Fogg 

Intelligence Squared

The Outrage Election

BBC News

Taiwan is making democracy work again: it's time we paid attention

Feature, Wired 

The Paradox of Uber

BBC News 

Digital Democracy in Taiwan: breaking political deadlocks 

BBC News 

Information Wars 

Feature, New Scientist 

China and Taiwan Clash over Wikipedia edits 


Stop Moralising the Tech Giants 


Can Facebook Survive?

BBC Radio 4

Trump's Social Media Summit

The Guardian 

Would you Recognise Yourself from your Data?

BBC, May 2019

Can Politics Cope with the Digital Age?

Unherd, May 2019

The Five People Changing the World

Waterstones, April 2019

Politicians and Conspiracy Theories

The Guardian, March 2019

Analysing the Digital Power Struggle

Profile, Nominet, March 2019

Fast-forward to a Post-Brexit Britain

Unherd, March 2019

Digital Persecution

Cover Story, Catholic Herald, March 2019

Facebook's Anger Machine

Wired, March 2019

The Truth About the 'Tech Lash'

Unherd, January 2019

The Rise and Fall of Reddit

Times Literary Supplement (Cover Story), January 2019

For Better or Worse, Power is Breaking Free of Its Shackles

Wired World 2019

The Dangers of a Digital Life

Unherd, November 2018 

Inside the British Army's Secret Information Warfare Machine

Wired Long Read, November 2018 

The Kosovan Fake News Factories Giving Facebook The Slip

The Times, November 2018 

Meeting Kosovo's Clickbait Merchants 

BBC, November 2018 

When a Robot Becomes A Judge

Institute of Arts and Ideas, November 2018 

The Man Holding Putin to Account

Unherd, October 2018 

Who Commands the Internet? 

Unherd, September 2018 

There Is Not Enough Control Of The Digital World

The Economist, September 2018 

A Closer Look at the Web's New Order

Irish Examiner (print), September 2018 

To Save Democracy, We Must Disrupt it

Unherd, September 2018 

How Technology Sidelines the Citizen

Unherd, August 2018 

Is Wikipedia Vulnerable to Information Warfare?

New Statesman (online), August 2018 

The Dangerous Power of the Clickbait King

Unherd, August 2018 

God is in the Machine

Times Literary Supplement, August 2018 

British Police are on the Brink of a Cybercrime Crisis 

Wired (Online), August 2018 

Inside the Dark Web Hitman for Hire Service 

Metro, August 2018 

A New Type of Criminal

Sunday Times, August 2018 

Fake news and Future Warfare

A Carter Ruck Report, 2018 

Special Technology Edition, Demos Quarterly (editor)

Spring, 2018 

Apples Needs to Give its Users Sovereignty over their Data

Wired, April 2018

Bitcoin’s Broken Promise

Open Canada, January 2018 

Weaving a New Web

New Scientist, August 2017 

Disinformation on Demand

Wired, June 2017 

The invisible election battle on Facebook

The Telegraph, June 2017

Book Review: Move Fast and Break Things

The National, May 2017 

Book Review: The Attention Merchants

The National, January 2017 

The Net Needs its Freethinking Champions

New Scientist, January 2017 

2016 in Review: Hackers Unleash more Uncertainty

The National, December 2016

How Algorithms are Changing our Lives

The National, December 2016 

In 2017, Bots will Set the Political Agenda

The National, December 2016 

Putting Data Science in the Service of Social Science

National Centre for Research Methods, 2016 

Who would Win the Election, if it was based on Tweets?

Irish Examiner, February 2016

Pendulum of Power swinging to Parties outside the Mainstream

Irish Examiner, February 2016

The man who stares at goats: How Gerry Adams Conquered Twitter

Irish Examiner, February 2016

Social Media causes Hate Crime but could also Solve it

The Telegraph, October 2015

Separating the Truth from the buzz on Social Media

The Guardian, October 2015

Is Twitter’s 140 character limit holding it back?

The Telegraph, September 2015

The most popular Swearwords used by Britain’s politicians

Buzzfeed, May 2015

How MPs are breaking their Party lines on Twitter 

Telegraph, April 2015

Election Debates: Who Won, according to Twitter?

Telegraph, April 2015

Voters Targeted on the Digital Front

BBC Feature, April 2015

Hashtag Elections

New Scientist, March 2015 

Tories Lead in Local Tweets

Sunday Times, March 2015 

Tartan Tweeters Turn on Labour

Sunday Times, March 2015 

For Tweet Success, don't Mention your Leader

Sunday Times, March 2015

What role will Twitter play in the fight for Downing Street?

Sunday Times, February 2015

Brand has Treble the Reach of the Commons

Sunday Times, February 2015

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